The strike and the blocking of  public transport is not only annoys Paris workers, it also impacts tourists! they are forced to deal with transport blocked by the strikes and information that is not always translated.In addition to the low number of RER (Regional Express Network) trains running towards Orly airport or Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport, there is also a problem of taxi availability.

6 Tips to get around Paris during the strikes.

Strikes in  strikes in the metro will affect many trains.Fortunately, the city of Paris has many transport alternatives and the current strikes will allow you to experiment these modes of transport. The unlimited public transport strikes that have been hitting the city of Paris  have paralysed many metro, bus, tram and RER lines. So here are six of the best alternative transport options during the strike, or if you just prefer a few more environmentally friendly transport options.
The complete guide to get around Paris during strike.

Walking in Paris.

It may seem obvious, but Paris is really a city where walking can be a real alternative to public transport. Paris intramural (inside paris) is surprisingly compact with only 10 km wide. It is also an opportunity to rediscover Paris and its streets and monuments. Paris is a very beautiful city and walking allows you to discover it from another angle.So of course, if you need to go from north to south or from east to west to outside, it would still take you about two and a half hours, but if you usually take the metro for just a few stops, it's much faster.

Paris by bike.

For those who don't have their own bike, there is always the possibility to use bike rental services such as Mobike, Jump, Vélib' Métropole or Donkey.For Vélib, a day pass is available, i.e. it will be free for the first 30 minutes, €1 for the next 30 minutes and €1.30 per minute for any duration longer than 60 minutes.There are around 1,300 Vélib'  stations in Paris and thousands of electric Vélib's to accommodate those who don't want to arrive at work sweating. There has been a lot of work recently on the creation of new cycle paths around Paris, including an "RER Velo" network linking the suburbs to the city center, making it easier to get around by bike.

Electric scooter in Paris.

As you may have seen on Paris sidewalks, there are thousands of electric scooters in the streets of Paris belonging to many operators. In September 2019, there were no less than 12 electric scooter operators in Paris: Lime, Bird, Wind, Bolt, Circ, Tiers, Hive, Voi, Dott, Jump, Ufo ...
It is estimated that more than 22,000 electric scooters operated by several companies have flooded the French capital since their introduction last year, and this number is expected to rise to 40,000 in the coming months.
Although it is not obligatory to wear a helmet on an electric scooter in Paris, it is highly recommended that you wear one, as accidents are common. On the other hand, riding an electric scooter on the pavement in Paris will be punishable if you are caught.

Taxi or a Parisian VTC service ( car with private driver).

Official taxis have a fixed fare for trips to and from the airport as well as several VTC companies such as Uber, private driver, Marcel ...
VTC prices vary according to demand, so on strike days when there are a lot of people using them, this could be an option but could be very expensive depending on how busy the VTC reservation platforms are.

Rent an electric scooter in the "Ile de France" region 

If you need to travel a little further and faster, you can sign up for "Cityscoot", which has a fleet of nearly 4000 electric scooters in the streets of Paris and many surrounding suburbs.
They work in the same  way as electric scooters with an application system to download and a geolocalisation of the available scooters. Take them where they are parked and leave them where you want them. It is still recommended not to leave them on the sidewalks and to park them in the parking areas reserved for scooters. You pay for as long as you use the scooter, the service generally has a good reputation among users.
The complete guide to get around Paris during strike.

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