Once you have arrived at Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport or one of  the other Paris airports, you may be asking yourself how to get to your hotel with minimum cost? If this is your first time in the City, it will be difficult to decide how to get from the airport to the city centre and how to get around Paris during your stay.
get around Paris by bus direct

The best way to get to the capital is to take the "Bus Direct", a shuttle bus that runs between the two Paris airports and the center of Paris, you can buy the ticket directly from the conductor . It is an economical, comfortable and practical mode of transport. Once you have arrived in the center of Paris, here are some useful tips to help you understand the different modes of transport and how to find the most inexpensive to enjoy your travel.
The best ways to get around Paris cheaply

  • Walking in Paris

  • Paris is so beautiful by foot. Even if you're only there for a few days, take at least an afternoon to enjoy it by walking. By foot, you are sure to find the most beautiful streets of this city with its best café and beautiful colorful gates. In short, your walking tour will be authentic. 
    get around Paris Walking
    Walking through Paris, you will see many more places than with any other mode of transport. In addition, you do sports, but this mode is not suitable for everyone, as it requires much more time to appreciate the whole city.
  • Cycling in Paris

  • Like most major European cities, Paris is gradually transforming itself into a cycling city. 1/3 of Parisians prefer it to other modes of transport. In addition, the city has set up the self-service Vélib' to provide bicycles for everyone to borrow everywhere. Each Vélib' station offers a ticket for 1 to 7 days. Be careful, however, and respect the safety rules in use.

    get around Paris Cycling

    Cycling is a physical activity, it's a fun way to discover the city streets, but it's important to know the Parisian traffic rules to be able to ride on its many roads.
  • Paris by Bus

  • There are simple buses in Paris to get from one point to another at a single fare of 2 euros per trip. The city also offers huge buses for tourists, They are more comfortable, but follow a limited trajectory to see only the most important monuments. It is better to take a classic bus and switch from one line to another to really discover the City in all its splendour.
    get around Paris by bus

    It's a nice way to visit Paris while moving around. And it allows you to live like real Parisians, but it is not at all advisable if you are in a hurry, because it is almost never on time.
  • Subway of Paris

  • If you're pressed and want to see as many places in Paris as possible, take the metro. It's the fastest way to get around. To make it easier for Parisians to get around, the different metro lines have different colors depending on its number. The website of the RATP (Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens) even allows you to plan your trips in advance. The price of a ticket is 1.90 euros.

    The Paris metro is very practical, economical and fast, but it takes time to get to know how the metro works in Paris. Besides, it's always crowded.
  • Taxi in Paris

  • Parisian taxis are quite difficult to apprehend. The city is full of taxi stations, but even there, it is not always possible to find a driver ready to take you wherever you want. The best thing to do is to book in advance with a practical service such as G7 or Taxis Bleus. The presence of Uber makes it even easier.
    get around Paris by taxi

    The bill can quickly rise when you call a taxi, because the counter starts as soon as the driver joins you. It is the most expensive mode of transport in Paris.

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