Breath Exercise During Pregnancy

Breath Exercise During Pregnancy

 Pregnancy practices

Many pregnant women may be stressed, tired, irritable and sometimes even anxious. Here are some practices that will help expectant mothers to live a stress free pregnancy. Breathe through the belly to eliminate stress.

This slow, deep breath lowers tension, emotion and stress. It is also very useful to accompany contractions. Standing or sitting, inhale through the nose by swelling the belly like a balloon and exhale for a long time through the mouth as if you were drinking in a straw.

The longer your exhalation, the better your relaxation. At the inspiration, fill you with calm, well-being At the end eliminate the tensions, and plunge in the waves of contractions.

Visualize a fruit to better manage contractions The fruit represents our 5 senses. When you have contractions, pains, imagine a fruit of your choice. This image will be a space in which you can come and take refuge while waiting for the contraction to pass. He will be your natural anesthetic. See mentally the shape of the fruit, smell its fragrance, touch its texture. Watch his every detail, turn around him to familiarize yourself with him. Breathe her delicious scent. Imagine that you are enjoying its pulp. Caress him, touch him. Imagine that you penetrate inside the fruit, in the pulp ... There is a small hammock. Imagine that you swing on this hammock inside the fruit, the time of pain. Toning the perineum to facilitate childbirth.

Also called pelvic floor, the perineum is a set of muscles, ligaments and membranes that supports the vagina, bladder and rectum. During pregnancy, the perineum is put to the test because it bears a lot of tension with the weight of the baby and therefore has a tendency to relax. This looseness can cause incontinence problems afterwards.
Exercise daily to relax these muscles. : Lie on your back comfortably. The knees are bent and the feet resting on the ground. Exhale gently while lengthening the breath. Block your breathing when exhaling, then release. Contract the muscles of the anus for five seconds and then release completely for ten seconds. Repeat this perineal lock five times.

Prepare for childbirth by viewing a tree Go on day D at the end of the delivery. You are then fully dilated. Before performing your final push breaths, visualize a well rooted tree. The tree supports you, gives you the energy to grow well. Imagine that tree is behind you and serves you as support, support. Draw the energy of the tree. Inhale the energy of the earth that penetrates under your feet rooted in the earth. Fill your lungs with breath of force to push well. Be an oak! Release the joints of the shoulders and elbows. Let your body and mind relax. Post your last pains against the branches of the tree. And filled with the vital force of the tree as directed by your doctor, perform your final push breaths: inhale, bring air back to the lungs, block the air and push on the abs.

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