9 Erogenous zones For Women List 2019

An "erogenous zone" is that part of the body which can cause a sexual arousal. There are different sensitive places to touch a woman. They depend on each of us, and must be developed.
However we should learn how to do it carefully ... they are some precautions to take.
In the TV show FRIENDS  Monica said that there are Seven erogenous zones on a woman's body but as we know  every female is different.
erogenous zones on women

The three types of erogenous zones

1. The primary

We talk here about the organs that it is better to stimulate, if we want to achieve orgasm.
The clitoris and the vagina.The first one gets excited by caresses and circular movements.
The second is sensitive only by the achievement of the famous G-spot (influx of blood), and by the contraction of muscles after to the penetration by the sex of the man.

2. The secondary

The secondary erogenous zones are these parts of the skin and the mucous membranes which, incited by caresses, also activate the excitement of the primary zones and thus multiply the sexual pleasure.
However, these are not essential to reach the enjoyment.
The pubis, the buttocks, the big and small lips, the entrance of the vagina, the perineum, the anus, and of course the nipples.

3. Potential

The purpose is to activate a set of exciting sensations which can stimulate the primary zones and pull erection and vaginal palatalization.
These erogenous zones have more an erotic dimension and vary from a person to the other one, both at the level of their location as of the intensity …
In each to discover these zones of desire, present on all the body.

Are they the same to everybody?

In principle, female erogenous zones are rather similar from a person to the other one.
But it sometimes happens that some have other preferences.
To know that, nothing more simple: you should ask your partner which parts of her body get her most pleasure.
Languishing kisses and other caresses will make the rest …
erogenous zones on women

How do they develop?

There is a sensibility naturally developed on certain zones, whereas others get acquainted over time and it is true from the childhood.
Certain specialists showed that the physical contact of the mother would have a lot to do with the sensory perception, even in the blooming of the sexuality in the adulthood.
So, a baby who would just have had functional touches without particular tenderness will not keep pleasant memories on the skin and would less trust him. And conversely.
It would appear what is more the babies girls would more be touched, caressed and kissed than the babies boys. What would explain that the women have more erogenous zones than the men.

Precautions to be taken

Caresses on erogenous zones do not still arouse pleasure.
Everything depends on the degree of looseness of the person during the preliminary.
If you are totally relaxed and ready to receive the attention of your partner, the erogenous zones which will be touched will arouse a lot of pleasure and excitement.
On the other hand, if you are put under stress, wrinkled or still worried, your whole body will be on the defensive.
Touches on the sensitive parts risk then to pull tickle, or another real reaction of very unpleasant rejection.
It is not thus rare that certain women are taken by giggles during the preliminary, what is not really studied purpose.

Erogenous zones are very sensitive before acting, the excitement and the desire for the other one stimulating them.
However, he can arrive that these touches, kisses, lickings and caresses are terrible even painful after the orgasm.
It will be in particular the case for the acorn(glans) of the penis of the man, the clitoris of the woman, as well as the nipples of both sexes.
It is thus important to respect a short said period "objector", in the course of which the partners really have no more sexual excitement because of the sentimentality of their erogenous zones ( female).

The conclusion is :

  1.   Her Inner Thighs   
  2.  The Nape of Her Neck
  3.   Her Pubic Mound 
  4.   Her Armpits
  5.   Her Ears 
  6.   Her Stomach
  7.   Her Hands
  8.   The Bottoms of Her Feet
  9.    Her Lips
Desire to know better your body and to take advantage of it completely? Check this guide!   
erogenous zones for women

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