Dreams that reveal your unconscious

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Unconscious dreams

Dreams, here we are all subject. Every night, they are different images that pass in our heads and we sometimes continue all day. But what do they really mean?

Fears, hidden desires, dreams never come to life at random. They reflect a part of us that we (re) know little, the unconscious. To clear things up, here are some interpretations of dreams which we can deal.

1. To dream that you love: Well ladies, honey is not enough you more! This dream actually symbolizes the desire to be in harmony with the body to achieve balance. He announced a good physical and mental health. For once, the saying "Do not dream your life but live your dreams" makes sense!

2. Dreaming of infidelity: do not panic! Fairly standard, this dream does not mean you do not love your sweetheart but merely a possible sexual dissatisfaction. If you dream that your companion is cheating on you, do not throw anything away her things out the window, it's more a sign of lack of confidence. A good hug and everything will be in order!

3. To dream that you kill a person or animal, although frightening at first, if you dream that you kill a stranger rather it is a good omen, a sign of victory. If you kill to survive, it means that you fear something, but you have the desire to eliminate this obstacle, figuratively of course!

4. To dream that you are eating: a sign of joy and a happy emotional life, your social relationships are good. Malus if you eat in bed, it's a sign of a lack of physical activity. We are going to move!

5. To dream that you are pregnant: to take at face value, this positive dream can actually mean you want to have a child. In any case, this announcement is good news. No situation is defined and it is the little things that sometimes change the meaning of a dream.

6. To dream that you run without success: often difficult, it may mean that you're struggling to get ahead in life, or want to escape from a harsh reality for you too. Instead, go and confront the things you'll be much more relaxed!

7. Dreaming regularly about the same thing: take that dream into consideration as it is often the sign of a real situation that does not suit you, but you do not always have consciousness. If you dream every night that showcase dress by cons, maybe this is a sign that you need a shopping trip!

8. To dream that a loved one dies: Do not take it seriously. Rather, it represents an evolution in the relationship with that person or testing your friendship. Do not call all your directory crying, no one is going to die!
9. To dream that you earn money: want a hug? dreams money can symbolize the need for reassurance. It can also mean success. So good things!

10. To dream of your childhood home: this means a need for protection and assistance. Call your best friend or your mother for a good boost!

11. Dreaming of your work: it is a good sign, really? However, according to your dream variants, this can also mean trouble, progress or need a vacation. If it recurs, maybe it is time to clarify your status.

12. To dream that you lose your teeth, it is usually a symbol of change, positive or negative, but that dream has so many variations that it is better to remember it in detail.

13. Dreaming of the end of the world synonymous with stress and vulnerability but also can symbolize great changes. Relax and think about your life.

14. To dream that you are the party: expression of calm and balance, it is very positive and of good tidings. No need to leave until morning, your unconscious is responsible for making you dance. Savings and avoided a hangover, what better?

15. When you does not remember you from your dreams or you have seen your dream as mundane and you have not seen fit to remember, or it may be a sign that you suppress that reflects your unconscious during the night. And then you dodge? Take the time to rethink your dreams, this can be very important to solve malaise your day!

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