Top 10 breaking apology from the guys!

Breaking apology !

breaking apology from the guys
At least once in our life of woman, we have case to a little tricky man who dropped us with the lightness of an elephant and an excuse more bogus than the trouble shot.

If you have ever heard such excuses, no reason to cry for this kind of cad, let nature take revenge as it should be!

1. "It's not you it's me": how to answer that honestly?

2. "You're too good for me": obviously yes!

3. "I need to be alone": think of a pilgrimage or a retreat in the forest, alone with the wolves.

4. "This is too much of us" too much like a tequila shooter or as two lucky people who fall in love?

5. "I do not have time right now" thank you we avoid unanswered calls!

6. "I prefer that we remain friends" no thank you, I prefer to avoid you. And friends, I'm not bad!

7. "I'm not ready to have children": after two weeks of relationship we. After five years, it's not too early to think about it!

8. "There are not that connection, it is not in harmony" to the next!

9. "At another time it could have worked" it is Madame Irma who told you?

10. "I have fear of commitment" goldfish are less restrictive!

If you have ever dealt with excuses like this, feel free to share your answers with us!

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