Love belongs to those who go to bed early

go to bed early

Sleeping benefits for couples

Are you single? Your sleep is certainly something to do. According to a US study, women and men who go to bed (and up) early would be more likely to find love. Explanations!

To conclude celibacy, you must first finish with nights out and fat mornings! So says a study by the University of Chicago and published in the medical journal Evolutionary Psychology, which explains that to find love, it is better to bed early and get up at dawn.

If you're more moth (up late / up late), you're more likely to be single than others! Why? According to the study, you would tend to take more risks, both in terms pro as personal. You are subscribed to one night romances, which helps your application to celibacy.

In reaching this conclusion, the researchers studied the sleep of 110 men and 91 women. Originally, the study was to demonstrate that men financially took more risks than women. Finally it is the latter that have captured the attention of researchers.

Thus, it has taken some of their saliva to analyze their levels of cortisol and testosterone, and also studied their habit of sleep. Conclusion: there exists indeed a close link between the time of sunrise and sunset of women and their love life. Here we are prevented. Warning, this finding is not exclusively female, since these gentlemen are also concerned.

We now know what we have to do ... Go to bed now, tomorrow, wake at dawn! Ba yes, when it comes to finding love with a capital "A", there is not a minute to lose.

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