Gym : I'm addicted to the gym

Gym addiction

addicted to the gym
Not a week without a detour to the gym. In a few steps, you even become totally dependent on your treadmill. Explanations and tips to reduce the pace.
At first, it was to lose a few pounds, tone your biceps, talk a little, and then it became a drug. While some lying around the leg when it comes to do some crunches, you, you run to your gym, smiling ear to ear. "Become addicted to physical activity is nothing trivial or extraordinary, it is even a very common addiction today ensures Laury Kirazian psychologist." It is difficult to escape the multiple demonstrations perfect bodies that appear everywhere, yet it is they who create neuroses. In some people, the ritual of the gym meets a real need to literally sculpt a new self, control the eyes of others. An aesthetic that reassures and whose sometimes when suffering supplants pleasure, we imprison. "This is the shift from" I workout to get in shape, to feel good "to" I do sport because I need it, "which is addictive, analyzes the psychotherapist." The idea of ​​stopping the sport becomes unbearable because it is synonymous with failure, or even regression.

In small doses, sport is absolutely not harmful, quite the contrary. It is an incredible instrument of pleasure and self-confidence. Seek to overcome its both physical and mental limits can also be extremely beneficial and rewarding, especially when self-doubt, which is depression. An excellent Stooges. According Kirazian Laury, there in need to be confined in a gym, a desire to belong to a group of people who share the same concerns as you. "The room becomes a place where you feel powerful, to the best of its form. A place where you are to others and themselves." If the frequency is not a problem in itself, listening to your body is essential. It is important not to turn his body into a war machine in the service of a performance not to indulge. The consequences of a serious addiction can beings eating disorders, injuries, taking steroids ...

Difficult to fight against the endomorphism discharge courtesy sport. Wellness fragile and valuable but it must be cultivated sparingly. So be careful not to go overboard. Your knee pulls you? You hurt lower back? It's time to take a break! Look after your body, do not harass! It will worry about your sports bulimia when the exercises become painful, you prefer to run on a treadmill rather than lunch with a girlfriend. Your fitness should not be at the expense of those around you. If you start to have the lifestyle of a top sportsman without having the job, it's time to slow down!

1 - Avoid bulimia. If you have time that is released into your schedule does not throw you on your tracksuit, go to the movies, go see a show.

2 - Be unfaithful, test other sports! Brace yourself between two weight training sessions, a yoga or dance for example. Diversify activities will make your less harmful addiction.

3 - Replace your weekly sports sessions with lighter exercise like a walk in the forest.

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