Cheesecake salmon (uncooked)

Cheesecake salmon recipe

A small recipe unpretentious uncomplicated, full of simple but very tasty! It is really easy to make and can improvise with some ingredients when some friends arrive home. And the good thing is that there is no cooking.
Cheesecake salmon


    70 g of butter
    100 g of natural crackers
    4 slices smoked salmon
    250 g of Ricotta
    250 g Cream cheese
    Lemon juice
    A large mold or more cutters

1. Melt the butter. Pounding crackers to reduce crumb. Then mix it with melted butter. Spread on bottom of pan or in your punches, pack and grade the bottom with a heavy object (the bottom of a glass, for example).
2. In a bowl, mix the Ricotta and Cream Cheese. Add lemon juice, dill and place the unit on biscuits. Cool and refrigerate for several hours.
3. Turn out gently cheesecakes. To serve, place thin slices smoked salmon on top. Water is a few drop of lemon if you like. Enjoy!

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