Breakup: break more women than men


Heart break

And if men were sentient creatures who felt things for a breakup? 7 out of 10 women make the decision to break. Social phenomenon or universal law? Explanation and decoding of men and women dropped ... leaving!
We all had a big break. THE rupture. The one we will always remember. The first time it happened to me there a few years ago, I thought that I would never get over. I also understand the meaning of "heart break" because physically it's really what I felt.
My friends tried to reassure me with the famous "One lost 10 found," but that does not reassure me. They finally decided to get me in a bar and I find myself with my tribe around a bottle (the equivalent of a marital therapy ... counter). They tell me that my situation is quite natural: it is always women leaving!

WHAT ???

I for information on the web and in fact, women are more often the decision to break than men. "They are at the origin of three quarters of divorces," says sociologist named Fran├žois Singly. How to explain this? Men may be sensitive and afraid of hurting the woman left her and see her cry? Nay! The reason is simple: "Women know what they want, unlike men," according to another article. Outch, blow to my ego.
More autonomous economically less dependent emotionally, the modern woman does not need her husband's purse (no pun intended) to live. Although she earns less than her, she will prefer to leave a couple wobbly rather than keeping financial comfort. Good thing I was not rich.
"The commitment, cohabitation, children and marriage are core values ​​in women" natured chat me a friend on Skype, she then explains to me, "they are projected, while men are more often immature. In women there is a checklist to complete. If man can not commit ... so next! ".
Female engagement will thus explaining the determination of my ex to break. It is true that I was not a model of commitment, but I always thought we should divide my physical age by two to find my mental age. So it was consistent. I who was joking at the time saying that the best age to have a child was 50 years for men ... She had to think differently.

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