16 things to do when a woman is alone |

 things to do when you're really alone

 What to do when you are alone

To keep your man as long as possible, here are some things to do that when he's not there! Pleasurable and sometimes regressive, these small pleasures to consume without moderation!


 1. Watching the series: it was all a fetish series, the one can not watch a Saturday night wrapped in his plaid, when cherished is out with his friends. Sex and the City Beverly Hills via New Girl, the list is long!

2. Cut your toenails: certainly in the Top 3 things not to do in front of her boyfriend!

3. The beauty boost not sexy: this little moment in which we accept to be repulsive and then be at the top of our sexuality. By this we mean, waxing, clay mask, black dots patches and anti curlers ....

4. Sleeping with her pajamas: Baby is not there to keep us warm, a good excuse to bring out that old pajamas that will keep our feet warm while waiting for his return.

5. Spending hours on the phone, through being always glued to her boyfriend, it lags behind the gossip. On an evening, you plug the hands free kit and we review his repertoire!

6. Sing in the shower: you choose a song of Beyonce will make us push the song frantically in the shower.

7. anyway you do not care tonight you're all alone!

8. it is not because we lack but just out of curiosity. Stuff girls what!

9. Shopping online: because we are too lazy to go out and it's so good to open the mailbox and see his package!

10. Fuck in the apartment: usually you shout at him as soon as he drags a sock but this weekend, you are alone!

11. Snacking: since nobody sees us, no one will judge us!

12. let go: snacking, watching series, forget to do sports ... The enemy is too good!

13. Retry his clothes: sometimes results in a soft shot, this time, do not choose the option Nutella jar.

14. Housework, sort: memories is good but it takes up space. Also take this bikini and mini-shorts, they make you more harm than good!

15. Prepare the next holiday: since it is not him who will, at least you are sure not to have surprises.

16. Sleep : and wait for our Prince Charming to come wake us up with a kiss.

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