Disadvantages of being single

being single

Disadvantages of being single, 

Whether you are single in days, months or years, you have (or will have) ALL to face some disadvantages, including 10 unstoppable.
Disadvantages of being single, You are single and it does not prevent you from being fulfilled? Good! Who said you had to be a couple to be happy? Being single is the foot. Except ...

1. If your mother, your sister or your best friend, all casées and happy married rehash that frankly, you have high expectations. Excuse me, but a handsome, muscular, intelligent, rich, funny, caring, not jealous and good in bed, of course it exists!

2. When you can not see the guy painting your girlfriend, yet a good friend, you must bear the at parties "girls". But what a ball!

3. When you accept an appointment arranged just to please your friends. Once you've said hello to this guy, you understand that between you that will not do. Run away? Oh, delicious temptation.

4. After you get hit on by a guy who, at the end of the evening, announced that in fact he has a girlfriend and is super serious between them. Ah ok.

5. When no DIY, and there is the problem of assembling Ikea furniture. Luckily, you have friends (or exes) faithful, ready to help you. Same thing when it comes to wear the shopping bag to the 5th floor of a building without elevator.

6. When your girlfriends casées you say they envy you, because you have to account to anyone, you are totally free. Uh ... shhh? And conversely, when they think you secretly jalousez them for a guy with whom snuggle at night. Or not, because unlike them, you can sleep in "starfish" mode in your bed 2 places, and it's really nice!

7. When you are invited ONLY birthdays, family reunions, weddings ... You have no one to share your joys, your boredom or to flee. No One.

8. When you need the card out of the immaturity as an excuse for your celibacy: "You know, I think it is not yet ready to handle a real relationship. It is clear that I lack maturity to build something serious with a man. " In force, you end up believing this lie.

9. When you are not able to pull the closure to the back of your dress.

10. When the first appointments are too numerous.

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